Passion for cooking!

Since I was a child  I have a huge passion for cooking, especially cakes and sweets. I do think is because I have a family background which make me to be fascinating about cakes. I do remember my grand’mum, who was a cook in a local cafeteria, being all the time in the kitchen preparing something delicious! (like ” apple cake with smooth pastry” ..the simplest and the best apple cake).

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Being a Romanian mean to be passionate about food:) Before modern time, housewives were spending all the time cooking and cleaning, but most time they were cooking because Romanian men eat a lot!!!:)

But the Romanian traditional food is basic and fat, and i do not really enjoy fat. Even sometimes i do feel as eating those traditional meals, I was telling myself that I want more than basic and fat!I want simple food but also complicated, delicious and the most important for me: Healthy and nutritional!!!! That is why I changed my Romanian style in a personal style of cooking…I am usually taking recipes from different countries, different people and different concepts and I create my own recipes which i consider to be healthy and delicious.

Is true that not all the time I succeed, we are human not machines to be perfect (even them aren’t perfect), but I try to do my best! And what is better than exercising??? Exercise makes you stronger and finally you arrive to be an expert!! Experience comes from practice and one without the other is not possible!
What I love more???

I love cooking new recipes and try different flavors!

I enjoy mixing salty and sweet, bitter and smooth…

Many of you may think that it is boring and tiring to try all the time something new! Why not to keep the same recipe!!??….Well just because is competitive and lovely to change and try! And success brings a huge smile on my face and on the others faces (even a bigger smile when my recipe is really good).

I don’t know how to describe it but all the time I am cooking something I have this amazing feeling. Think at one of your bigger passion ! What do you feel??….joy, happiness, emotion, fear, pleasure…??I feel the same!!!

Passion for cooking will be always one of my hobby.. and baking cakes arrived to be more than a passion, is my career now!..

After a PhD in Plant Biology which brought me a Doctorate, I decided to switch to pastry (french patisserie)…After following a 9 moths formation in Epinal combined with and apprenticeship in a pastry in Saint Max, near to Nancy, France , i have obtained with success the Pastry certificate (CAP), which i consider is enough to make my dream true, and in about 5 years open my own Tea and cakes shop! Original, beauty, friendly, personal …Wish me luck!……and “see ya “for tasting one of my cakes:)..Till then , I have to work hard, to learn more, to practice , to travel, and to risk everything!!

Till then I will try to post my own creations and to hope that you are reading and making them!!


7 thoughts on “Passion for cooking!

  1. Hello,

    I just found your blog and I wanted to encourage you to continue posting pictures and recipes. I really would like to eat the chocolate 2 mousses ! Sounds tasty
    I myself would like to do a CAP patisserie! I live near Metz and i would like to know how did u do a CAP? what do I have to do to do a CAP? How does it work? Im 21 so do i have to go to a private school and pay for it?

    Thanks for answering!
    x MArie

    1. Hey,
      Thank you for your message,
      Well I did a CAP in Epinal, and i get a regional sponsorship ( financement de la region Lorraine)
      I didn’ t pay anything, because i passed by Pole emploi as i was suscribed as unemployed
      Are u subscribed to pole emploi??
      U can ask them to help you
      Good luck

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