Dome au chocolat (chocolate mousse mini cakes)

The mousse cakes are one of my favorite desserts as they are light, fluffy, delicious…a pleasure in the mouth. Recently i made this delicious mousse cake composed by a light french vanilla genoise, Valhrona( chocolate mousse, raspberry insert and chocolate mirror glaze). it was exactly how i wanted..sweet but not to sweet, fruity, and airy….… Continue reading Dome au chocolat (chocolate mousse mini cakes)

Back to black…with a new gluten free chocolate cake

Oh Gosh there is so long since I haven’t update my blog…but there is a important reason(or at least a reason why:p) So many things happened since then..First I found a job here in Perth..whohooo..pastry chef in one of most famous high tea salon in the city  An interesting job and very the beginning… Continue reading Back to black…with a new gluten free chocolate cake

Vanilla cream and chocolate chips sweet roll

Puff pastry, french style vanilla custard, some chocolate chips, some pink icing to drizzle and here I made my sweet rolls. You need: 1 sheet puff pastry(home made is the best) 200 gr vanilla custard (definitely home made!!) 50 gr chocolate chips Some royal icing to drizzle (play with any color of food coloring) Just roll… Continue reading Vanilla cream and chocolate chips sweet roll

Choux sur “leur nuage”

Choux a la creme or so called by English people profiteroles, is one of the best French dessert. The combination of textures between the dough and the cream is lovely. I reconstruct them in this delicious cake, composed by a rectangular puff pastry, decorated with home made soft chocolate ganache and whipped cream. They were filled… Continue reading Choux sur “leur nuage”

The love for Macarons

I present you my big passion on this moment, the passion for baking macarons.. My airy Italian Meringue Macarons are filled with flavored buttercream, chocolate ganache, lemon curd, fruits mousse or jam. These are classic French Macarons perfect small treats for any occasion or an afternoon coffee /tea! Just take a look of some of… Continue reading The love for Macarons