The love for Macarons

I present you my big passion on this moment, the passion for baking macarons.. My airy Italian Meringue Macarons are filled with flavored buttercream, chocolate ganache, lemon curd, fruits mousse or jam. These are classic French Macarons perfect small treats for any occasion or an afternoon coffee /tea! Just take a look of some of… Continue reading The love for Macarons

French style “piece monte”

For the 5th anniversary of my friend’s son I had to make a Saint Honore….well things didn’t worked as i wished but in the end everything was stress, no panique and I realized a nice piece monte composed by a round puff pastry, choux filled with vanilla pastry cream and caramel! all made with… Continue reading French style “piece monte”

Simple chocolate sponge cake with coconut topping

Anzac Day menu: ~ Home made pesto on multi-grain toast ~ Beetroot houmous with carrots ~ Chicken parmi with garlic bread and fresh green salad ~ White wine ~ Simple chocolate sponge cake, moisten with orange fresh juice, with a thin layer of caramel topping and plenty of coconut ~ Expresso from fresh grounded coffee beans… Continue reading Simple chocolate sponge cake with coconut topping